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During these times of uncertainty for our health, our country and our world, it is important to get down on our knees and pray to our loving and caring Father.

We are inviting our Trinity members into the sanctuary, a holy space, for a time of prayer, a time set aside to focus your attention upward to God.

Prayer is powerful and it is our only hope in these troubled times.

You will need to contact the church office via email or phone to schedule your prayer time. Days available through the month of July will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00-3:00, beginning on July 1.

Some guidelines to follow as you come to pray:

  • Only 2 people at a time will be allowed in the sanctuary (1 on the pulpit side and 1 on the lectern side).
  • You can sign up for 20-minute slots. If you want more time, you can sign up for more slots.
  • Enter through the back door by the church office.
  • Follow the social distancing guidelines by the CDC of 6-feet apart.
  • Walk through the Narthex and enter the sanctuary through the back doors. Walk down the middle aisle and sit in the front pew on either side.
  • There will be disinfectant wipes for you to wipe down the area where you are sitting before and after you pray.
  • Be sure to check in at the church office by waving through the door so Jane can check you in and out.
    Feel free to contact the church office with any questions or concerns.