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Trinity Family,

The seasons change. Winter is changing to spring (although there has been a serious relapse), and the season of Lent has changed to the season of Easter. At our homes we are changing out our snowblowers for lawnmowers. In our worship we are now singing alleluia and focusing on resurrection life.

During this season of Easter, the Sunday sermons are going to be based on readings from the book of 1 Peter. These readings are part of the assigned lectionary readings and they go continuously through the book of 1 Peter. The readings on Sundays will not include every verse of the book but will cover most of it.

In preparation for hearing these sermons, I encourage you to read the entire book of 1 Peter. It is only five chapters long, so you can read it all in one sitting. Read through it once, simply listening to what it says. Then, read through it again and pay attention to what images or ideas it invokes. This is a good opportunity for us to focus on an entire book of the Bible, instead of only selected verses.

We continue to be a congregation dispersed. I pray that all of you are safe in your homes and that God would continue to protect you from the pandemic COVID-19. I also pray that the children are doing well, especially with school suspended, and that you all are weathering this economic downturn. As always, if you would like to speak with me, don’t be afraid to call or send me an email.

God bless and may we be together soon

Your Servant in Christ,
Pastor Scott C. Egbers