Posted by TrinityAdmin

Trinity will again host the Neighborhood Christmas Dinner Sunday, December 17th. This dinner provides many opportunities for all of us to be involved with families in our neighborhood. The meals will be at 12:30, 2:30 and 4:30 and provided for those who have signed up through Mid-Town Family Community Center. Together with the dinners we will also be distributing gifts to the children which have been previously picked out by their parents and wrapped the week before.

Thank you everyone for your contributions during our monthly Dollar Sunday collection for the dinner. This process provides us with ample money to purchase the food without asking in December for last minute contributions. Planning ahead truly does pay off!

Volunteers are needed to help wrap the gifts anytime on Tuesday, December 12, from 9-4 and/or Wednesday, December 13, from 9-Noon. Volunteers are also needed to help set up and cook on Saturday, December 16, plus we need people to serve at one of the three meals on Sunday. Please sign up on the clipboard to help at one or more of the three dinners which will be served on Sunday, December 17th to our neighbors.