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Trinity’s Church Council met Tuesday night to discuss what our church family needs to do in order to comply with
the state and health department guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Discussion Items

  • Service Cancellations – All worship services and activities are cancelled until further notice. This includes outside
    groups using our building during the week. Members and visitors are discouraged from coming to the
    church unless approved by staff.
  • Broadcast of Services – We are planning to live-stream Sunday services and possibly a short Lenten devotion.
    These will be available on Facebook and the Internet for our members to view, as well as sending hard copies
    to those who do not have access to Internet/Facebook, etc.
  • Weekly Devotions – Pastor Scott will develop devotions that can be sent out via the Member News or mailed to
    encourage families to come together in prayer, read the Bible, etc. We want our members to still feel a part of
    our Trinity family.
  • Congregational Shepherds – We are asking for our members to volunteer to be “Shepherds” to a small group
    of our members, which would include calling them with information or just to see how they’re doing, and if they
    need groceries or prescriptions filled and picket up, etc. Please contact the church office if you would be willing
    to act as a “shepherd” during this time.
  • Staffing – All church staff will continue to be paid at this time. Pastor and Jane will work when needed, but were
    encouraged to stay home if possible. The church phone will be forwarded to either of their phones so people
    can still contact the church. It is advised that our members do not come to the church, but to call the church
    when needed. We are here for our members, but the staff needs to be safe as well.
  • Finances – It is important that our offering continues to come in to keep our bills paid and our staff paid. We encourage
    our members to continue to give on a regular basis as if they were attending church. Members can set
    up Simply Giving or bill pay through their banks, or send in or drop off their offering in the mailbox during the day
    (no cash). Self-addressed, stamped envelopes will be provided to those who need them.

Our Council members will continue to monitor the situation on a weekly basis, and our members will be notified
of any changes. Please be sure to read any communication that is sent via the mail or email so you
can be kept informed.