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Don’t forget to bring your $1 on Sunday, September 9, for our Dollar Sunday donation to the neighborhood dinner in December. Also, remember to bring nonperishable food items for our Food Cart which will be donated to Midtown Family Community Center.

The Mission Committee has been very busy working on several projects:

  • Soles for Souls is a very productive project. Our congregation has donated 1,479 pairs of shoes to the organization to be refurbished and distributed to people in need. Thanks to Jeri and Russ Snyder for transporting the shoes.
  • Food Cart – Please remember to bring nonperishable food items for our Food Cart, which will be donated to Midtown Family Community Center.
  • Back Door Ministry – Please donate to this fund when you can. Donations are given to The Micah Project to be used in assisting people with a variety of needs.
  • Hy-Vee Receipts – The box to collect Hy-Vee receipts is out on the table in the narthex. The start date of the receipts must be August 1, 2018, and they can be collected through April 30, 2019. Any receipts that you have collected over the summer months or earlier in the year will not be accepted.
  • Up From the Earth – Trinity is again participating in this program, which is a voluntary system for connecting excess produce from home gardens to people in need. The program encourages home gardeners to “grow an extra row” and facilitates the gathering and distribution of excess fruits and vegetables to those in need through existing food pantries. There is a table set up in the narthex especially for your garden produce. If you have extra fruit/vegetables throughout the summer/fall, please bring them to the church so we can deliver them to the food pantries in our area. Thank You!
  • WARMING SHELTER, located at 703 West 5th Street, is a temporary emergency shelter during the winter months for those who are homeless. Trinity is aware of their need for food and other supplies and has started a fund for these needs. If you would like to donate to The Warming Shelter, you can mark your donation as such and you will be given credit on your envelope number. For more information on how you can volunteer in other ways, please contact Pastor Paul, who is on their board, or Joe Twidwell at 712-253-9273.

The Mission Committee is always looking for new members to join us. Please contact Jane at church or any of the Mission Committee members if you are interested. We’d love to have you join us.