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We are Gathering the Sheep together this year on Rally Sunday, September 12, for all Sunday
School youth. Thank you to these members who have volunteered to teach our youth this year: Amy Daniels,
Dave Daniels, and Michelle Matney. Those agreeing to sub our classes this year are: Sadie Heaton, Amy Bomgaars,
Gerald Woolman, Rob Bailey and Jim Sorvaag. Michelle and Amy Daniels are co-superintendents again this
year and Pam Cook leads our Spiritual Growth team.

There will be a special Blessing of the Teachers ceremony during our worship services on Sunday,
September 12.

Stepping Stone 4 – My Bible: Our 3rd & 4th graders will be taught this Stepping Stone during the Sunday
School hour again this year. They will be taking a journey through their Bibles and highlighting important passages
with their parents, and then their “used” Bible will be presented to them in the spring. Thank you to David
Daniels for teaching the SS4 class this year and also to Amy Bomgaars for volunteering to sub this class when

Sunday School w/Earl: Our 6th-12th graders will gather in the Youth Room for Sunday School w/Earl.
Bibles for our 3-year-olds: Any youth turning 3 this fall will receive their own Bibles during a special presentation
on Sunday, September 19.

Sunday Adult Study: All adults interested in learning a little more about the Bible are invited and encouraged to
attend our Sunday morning adult study in the fellowship hall. Thank you to Phil Vlach for leading this class.