Posted by TrinityAdmin

Have you filled out the Survey?
Trinity’s Call Committee to find a new Pastor for our family has been working diligently these past couple months.
Their first task is to fill our the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) for our congregation. They filled out their section of the Profile, and now they are asking you, our members, to fill out the Congregational Survey, which was emailed and passed out last Sunday.

Due to the weather conditions last Sunday, we know there were many who didn’t receive the survey if they cannot go online. No worries—-there will be Surveys available for the next couple weeks. Please fill out and return either online or in the box in the narthex before Sunday, March 3. The Call Committee will then compile your information and complete the MSP.

They hope to submit the competed MSP to the Synod Office by May, which then goes out to the ELCA synods letting them know Trinity is looking for a Pastor. Please keep our Call Committee in your prayers, and continue to pray that our new Pastor will hear God’s call.