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The Congregation was young and growing. By 1887 the nearly 40 members had
raised $2,600 to purchase lots for a church and parsonage built in 1888 at the
Northwest corner of 11th and Nebraska Streets.

Money was tight. The flood of 1892 was devastating. There was an international
depression. Lack of Sunday School teachers kept Sunday School growth
slow. Still, by 1893, church membership was about 106, plus 21 new members
from that year. Sunday School teachers volunteered and 95 attended, and the
first choir was organized. Sunday services were held at 10:30 a.m. and 8:00
p.m. with Wednesday prayer meetings at 7:30 p.m.

The following May 1895, the Rev. J. Alfred Koser became Trinity’s second pastor.
Christian Education was flourishing. The Church was frescoed and repainted
and a new parsonage was bought in 1896 for $2,200, on which $200
was paid and a note for $2,000 at 8% was acquired from the Pastor. 1897 was a
hard year, as membership and attendance fell when many people left town.

The 1895 taxes of the Church were sold to Harry Lichty, and later redeemed in
September 1899. In two years, a recovery was made and by the time Rev.
Koser was ready to leave, May 1901, he had “admitted 103 to membership,
dismissed 34 by letter, lost 3 by death, and many by removal and otherwise.
Raised about $9,000 for the year and $750 was given for benevolence.”